Jeff_Gallimore_10 Jeff Gallimore Partner and Co-founder of Excella Consulting. Jack of all trades and interested in all of them. Geek at heart. I’m a Renaissance man, husband, father, son, and brother. CrossFit keeps me young and makes me feel old. Bacon makes everything better. God is great. Read more of my story if you like.

Stuff I’ve Done

Federal News Radio interview on “An insider’s view of the MGT act”
Talking about the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act and what that means for the future of IT in the Federal Government.

DevOps and Audit… and Security and Compliance
Delivered this talk to the local section of the Automated Software Quality organization on how to bring audit, security, and compliance into the DevOps movement. Cool geek discovery: the local section was founded by W. Edwards Deming in the early 80’s. See the abstract and photo account of the talk and get the slides.

Expanding Pockets of Greatness: Spreading DevOps Horizontally in Your Organization
Co-authored this whitepaper with Josh Atwell, Tom Limoncelli, and Carmen DeArdo on how to spread DevOps horizontally through an organization based on influence rather than authority. Also co-presented a webinar with Gene Kim on this same topic, which was hosted by XebiaLabs. Watch the replay and get the slides.

Decoding Culture: Beyond the Fluff and Back to Business
Delivered this talk to an engaged group at the inaugural DevOpsDays Baltimore event. You can get all the resources for that talk here.

Tactics for Leading Change
Led part of a working group to produce a white paper on how to lead change within an organization, especially when interacting with executives and middle management. Released at the 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit. You can get all the white papers here.

Better, Faster Security in Agile Government
Participated in a panel discussion on Agile, security, compliance, and DevOps in the Federal Government. Hosted by Agile Government Leaders.

Tactics for Implementing Test Automation for Legacy Code
Led a working group to produce a white paper on how to get started with adding test automation to large legacy codebases. Released at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit. You can get all the white papers here.

Tactics to Kickstart Your Journey Toward Continuous Delivery
Delivered the presentation to an awesome group of attendees at the DC Continuous Delivery meetup.

DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit
You can read more about the DevOps Audit Defense Toolkit in this post.

Federal News Radio interview on “Defining DevOps”
Hear me talk to the federal IT community about DevOps and get the info on all the resources I mentioned in this post.

DevOps Enterprise Summit 2014 panel discussion on “Ask the Auditor Anything: DevOps Compliance”
Up on stage with some really smart people. If you want to see how the “DevOps audit thing” is done in real life, check out Simon Storm’s talk from DOES14.

Header image “gear_art_mechanism_68409_1920x1200” by Peter Pham is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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