DCSUG “Culture” Talk Resources

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I delivered a talk on January 22, 2018 to the DC Scrum User Group entitled “Decoding Culture: Beyond the Fluff and Back to Business”. There are a lot of references and resources included in the presentation. I listed them all here.

  1. My slides. They’re mostly picture-heavy, but the slide titles should help you figure out what the point is. The slides also include the video of the archived livestream (which you can skip past if you just want the slides).
  2. The archived livestream. Watch the talk unfold in living color.
  3. NUMMI. Information about the joint venture between Toyota and GM started in 1984. Googling will get you some more interesting content about NUMMI.
  4. The U.S. Navy collision report. The official U.S. Navy report about separate collisions involving two of its ships, the USS FITZGERALD and the USS JOHN S MCCAIN. Spoiler: it talks a lot about human error.
  5. The rest of the resources. I included a ton of other resources in another post for the talk I gave at DevOpsDays Baltimore 2017.

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